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How to Choose the Right Sterling Silver Handmade Necklace?

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The Finest Methods in Choosing the Perfect Sterling Silver Handmade Necklace

Silver is one of the age-old commodities existing since 1500 BC. It was discovered by Egyptians who excelled in refining it with new methods. It is a reactive metal more than gold. It is hard to extract from ores during the mining process. One of the seven metals known to pre-historic humans. Others are gold, copper, tin, lead, iron, and mercury.

It has been linked to luxurious living and wealth for many centuries. Silver is a favorite metal for jewelry due to its easy pliability and attractive color. Due to its anti-bacterial quality, it is an excellent conductor of electricity being used in medical and technological fields.

Why it is Called Sterling Silver?                                               

The fine silver is only 99.9% pure. It is malleable and soft. Therefore. To use it more jewelry, it is alloyed with copper to create sterling silver! The combination is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. That’s why sterling silver is referred to as ‘925 silver’ and hallmarked with a 925 stamp!

The copper content in it makes the silver hard and durable. It can be used to manufacture jewelry and the color is not compromised at all. The worrying factor is only about getting tarnished due to its copper content, which makes it change its color over a period of time like turning brown or black in humid conditions. There is a process of cleaning it at regular intervals to maintain its color and sparkle!

What is Handmade Jewelry?

Handmade jewelry is named because of the artisan’s labor using his hands. It is made through hard labor. There are no shortcuts here. The best part here is the artisan’s intimate relationship with each piece they produce. Every curve and shape is put to perfection by the artisan. The makers’ energy and labor in creating the piece of handmade jewelry come out well after the finishing touches are given.  

 The artisan has to create the piece by soldering, sawing, carving, and hammering. The process is a bit tedious. The piece will get into the desired shape only after all these treatments! The artisans are a talented lot when it comes to design as well as they have external designers

How to Choose the Finest Handmade Sterling Jewelry necklace?

As sterling jewelry is a high-quality choice to produce the finest jewelry as it can be used for future generations as well. A handmade Sterling silver necklace is a piece of jewelry that is beautiful and sparkling which adds elegance to any outfit worn. The person who would like to buy a necklace has to follow some basics while selecting it. The finest tips are given below to choose it and add to one’s necklace collection!

a) One Needs to Look for a Perfect Design:

Sterling silver necklaces come in different designs. The thin silver necklaces are excellent which come with small pendants suitable for daily wear. The thick necklaces stand out and are worn on special occasions. The necklaces with huge attractive pendants are selected mostly with design comparisons. The handmade trade has made them unique and invaluable.

b) The Primary Focus is on the Length: 

The lengthy necklaces are doubled or tripled to create a layered look. Long necklaces are appealing and more expensive on the pocket. The short necklaces are used with pendants of different sizes which stays closer to one’s heart. The perfect attire is required while wearing it, as it will sparkle like a diamond-studded necklace.

c) Consultation With the Artisans:

The best of a Sterling silver handmade necklace is that it is not as expensive as gold or diamond-studded jewelry. They retain their value and add glory to the personality of the person wearing them. The piece will look beautiful and one can choose it in consultation with the Artisan who manufactures it.

The time spent with him will result in getting a varied and interesting design. The buyer may need to spend time speculating the designs and patterns. In a second sitting or the third, the artisan will come up with the chicest design, pattern options which the buyer may fall in love with it!

d) Varieties of Sterling Silver Handmade Necklace:

The buyer has to choose from the different varieties of necklaces and can initiate inputs for the custom-made ones. The right elegant necklace needs to be a conversation starter with other creative professionals and social personalities. The style quotient of the person buying it is very important! One can choose a large pendant, a delicate choker, a bold statement necklace.

 Also, can choose a pendant with blues and purples, which augurs well, one wears black outfits, stilettoes, shoes, and bags to go with it! The piece can be worn for parties, special occasions, or a top client meeting. The variety of the necklace is of utmost importance.

e) The Cleaning Method need to be Checked:

When a person buys a piece of handmade sterling jewelry necklace, it is imperative to understand from the artisan about the cleaning of the jewelry from the Artisans. The perfect method of cleaning is rinsing the necklace in warm water and mild detergent. it needs to be rubbed with a small sponge pad which removes the surface dirt and any imperfections in the color.

The artisans will be forthcoming with different ideas to preserve it for longer periods. The piece needs to be placed in soft velvet boxes and should not be kept open in the air, as it gathers moisture! 

As sterling silver is a great metal, it is not hard to clean it at all! It is a bit hypoallergenic and the tips from the artisans while buying it comes as a solace to use it for longer periods


The purpose of choosing handmade jewelry is to keep it as a unique keepsake. The design, patterns are unique and custom made and the buyer can add more tips for the artisan who creates it! There is always an improvement in the designs with inputs and the outcome is great with many variations. It does not happen with machine-made jewelry.

There is no much room for improvement here. The tailor-made piece to one’s desire makes it a proud moment for the buyer and the artisan! There is not a duplicate design and the handmade sterling jewelry necklace will be created as per the wish and desire of the buyer.

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