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Why People Buy Handmade Jewelry? The Top 5 Reasons For It!

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Handmade jewelry is very popular among all! The craftsmen use local products, materials, and artisans in the area! It adds extra value to the piece. Each design is different because of handcrafting, as there is no duplication! The age-old custom of handmade technology comes to the fore. The machine-produced jewelry is mass-produced and loses its credibility for the person who wears it.

The Top Five Reasons are Given Below:

1. Personal Touch:

The artisan’s personal touch makes the handmade jewelry adorable. They get to enhance their skills as well. The buyers, especially women or their close relatives buy as a gift. It could be the husband, brother, father, mother, or sister and in the upmarket society, it could be friends.

The emotional connection of the buyer apart from cherishing the design and craftsmanship helps the artisan or seller to survive and grow. In other words, it is advisable for people who are regularly buying mass-produced machine-made jewelry to at least buy one or two pieces.

The buyers of handmade jewelry always look for exquisite designs and craftsmanship. There is an emotional connection here. Many buyers would like to support the craftsmen for their expertise. They can help their families, buy all things needed for a living, like food, clothes, education for their children, etc. Handmade jewelry will always stand out, because of the labor and expertise of the artisan. 

2. The Process of Making Handmade Jewelry:

Handmade jewelry is named because of the artisan’s labor using his hands. It is made through hard labor. There are no shortcuts here. The artisan has to create the piece by soldering, sawing, carving, and hammering. The process is a bit tedious. The piece will get into the desired shape only after all these treatments! The artisans are a talented lot when it comes to design as well as they have external designers.

The best part here is the artisan’s intimate relationship with each piece they produce. Every curve and shape is put to perfection by the artisan. The makers’ energy and labor in creating the piece of handmade jewelry come out well after the finishing touches are given.  

Any product made in a factory using machines, moved around by a conveyor belt, packaged with mechanical arms gets attention by all. But, the handmade product is no less, it gets the best attention and adulation from the buyers as well. A handmade piece passes through many hands, but fewer than those big manufacturers. By keeping the process small ensures that the footprint of a handmade product is tiny but a coveted one!

The artisans who indulge in handmade goods care a great deal about their quality. They source their raw materials ethically. This way, they also support the other suppliers, manufacturers of support materials could be gems, other pieces of accessories, etc. The artisans always care about their materials and pay more at times to get better quality for the end product. Hand-made jewelry items are more sustainable.

The buyer who would like to gift it to anyone he or she loves will value the art of the craft! The buyer will come to know seeing the jewelry that, the artisan has put honest and genuine efforts into creating the piece. The perfect thought process, concerted efforts to create something original and right from scratch!

4. Quality is Best: 

Small-scale production is always of higher quality because of the ability to track and control the process from start to finish during the manufacturing process. The artisans are very much happy about the products they produce. They will never compromise with the quality of their products and also are extremely proud of their craftsmanship. They will always ensure better quality products leave their premises.

3. Handmade Jewelry is Sustainable: 

Any handmade piece of jewelry is not identical to the other. The jewelry products like, necklaces, earrings, bangles, and other products always will stand out in comparison with machine-made jewelry. This home grown business has stood all the problems faced and has come out with flying colours. This is due to customers who cherish buying and wearing handmade jewelry. There are no allergic reactions at all for the person who wears it. There are no hidden hard metals or any other unwanted elements. Artisans have many known materials suppliers and have a proven track record. The artisans collaborate with refiners and dealers and procure their materials ethically. If they do not get the right materials, then they will wait for the perfect materials. 

There is no compromise with substandard stuff at all. But, the jewelers producing machine-made jewelry do not follow these rules! For them, it is always mass production and seldom guarantees high-quality products. The sale of the materials and extra business is what they fall for. The artisans who create handmade jewelry do o chasse customers, but the loyal customers who know the worth of this kind of jewelry visit them and buy products from them.

5. Handmade Jewelry Adds Value to the Collection: 

The artisans who produce handmade jewelry will cost a little more than the machine-made products! The machine-made products will be always of inferior quality and not original. They will mas produce the same piece of designs and sell. It is not unique.

The artisans work with smaller orders with utmost attention to high quality. Their products last long for many years and there is no visible damage at all! Their pieces always have an interesting back story. A bangle or a ring will be passed down generations without losing its appeal.

 Wedding gifts, anniversary, or birthday gifts cherish fond memories of the handmade craftsmanship for year’s altogether. These products keep records of history which is emotional and gets finely etched in the memory of the buyer and receiver. All custom-made pieces of jewelry, be it a necklace, pendants, bangles, rings have a story to tell. 


This trade of handmade jewelry is here to stay, they have withered many storms, but the buyers have made them get going with their trade. The demand is increasing day by day because of the fascination of people who opt for this kind of unique piece of jewelry. Because it is an invaluable piece of art and will remain so in the hearts and minds of the people who wear it.

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