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Wearing a Ring on One Finger is an Age-Old Trend. What Does Wearing on Each Finger Symbolize?

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Why do People Wear Rings?

Rings are worn on the fingers for different reasons. It displays wealth, exceptional achievement, high status, or membership in an organization. Traditionally, in the UK and US, during the engagement ceremony, the ring is worn on the left hand on the ring finger. This is the fourth finger from the thumb. The wedding ring is worn on the left hand

There are many different types of rings associated with people like engagement rings, wedding rings which symbolize a new beginning of life in a couple’s life. Most of them in India wear rings as a matter of protection from any evil and also to guard themselves. The fashion of males wearing rings had started in movies depicting gangsters in Hollywood. This trend has been copied and imitated all over the world by people who would like to show off as influential persons! 

Rings are also a symbol of love and affection among couples. Some people wear rings on different fingers. There is meaning and purpose of wearing rings on different fingers for ages! Since, ancient history, it has been followed by people that different finger choices for rings have a spiritual or mystical meaning. Still, as per old tradition, it has been believed that wearing specific gemstones on a certain finger can bring good luck. 

The different purposes and meanings of wearing rings on different fingers for men and women in ancient times are given below:

1. The Ring Finger:

The ring finger symbolizes eternal love, creativity, and beauty. In ancient times, it was believed that it symbolizes the Greek god, Apollo. The gemstones recommended are jade, amethyst, moonstone, sapphire, and turquoise.

2. The Middle Finger:

The middle finger is associated with soul searching, responsibility, and balance. The gemstones recommended are coral, aquamarine, and rose quartz. It is believed they have some kind of soothing properties.

3. The Index Finger:

The index finger is believed to be ruled by Jupiter. It symbolizes leadership qualities, command, self-confidence, and ambition. The gems are blue topaz, amethyst to promote the characteristics of Jupiter!

4. The Last Finger (Pinky Finger):

This finger is known to be dedicated to mercury. It symbolizes intelligence, persuasion skills, and intuition. The gemstones recommended are moonstone, citrine which enables the power of mercury.

5. The Thumb Finger:

This finger is not associated with any Greek god. It symbolizes willpower and self-confidence. Apart from the ancient times, now also, people are not very keen to wear a ring on this finger except the tribal who used to wear silver rings, even on their toe fingers!

The many meanings of wearing rings on different fingers of both hands in the 19th and 20th centuries: 

a) Left Pinky Finger:

It depicts marriage. Tradition says that men used to wear two rings on their pinky fingers to show that they have been married. One a wedding ring and another is a signet ring. Also, the old mafia men used to wear the same as per some folklore!

b) Left Middle Finger:

It is associated with engagement in western countries. It is also known as a promise ring!

c) Right Middle Finger:

 It has no purpose. Some people who wear rings on all their fingers wear it here as well!

d) Left Index Finger:

The ring worn on either of the index fingers depicts royalty. In the olden days, the visitors who used throng the kingdoms used to kneel before the King or Queen and kiss the ring as a mark of respect! As a fashion statement people, today wear a ring on the left index finger.

c) Left Thumb:

A ring on the thumb is seen as a status symbol! It represents wealth and premium class! 

d) Right Thumb:

This also symbolizes wealth, money, and richness. But, people have started wearing it as a fashion statement. It is to show their authority s well!

e) Right Index Finger:

Some cultures follow the tradition of wearing a ring here to show their marriage has commenced. Jews follow this ritual even now. The Jewish brides then shift the ring to their ring finger after the ceremony is ended.

f) Right Middle Finger:

There is no particular meaning to wear a ring on this finger. Only fashion-conscious people wear a ring here.

g) Right Ring Finger:

Some people in various countries wear their wedding ring on this finger. They do not go by the tradition of wearing it on the left ring finger! The countries like Russia, India, and Germany have people who wear a wedding ring on their right ring finger!

h) Right Pinky Finger:

People wear the ring on this finger on either hand. It symbolizes a professional status. It is like the person has graduated in some degree in any specific field. It could be an engineering degree or any other.


Some people believe rings symbolize wealth, prosperity, status, power. Some people believe rings symbolize friendship and self-belief, ambition, etc. Most of them wear it as a fashion statement without any purpose.  Some of them wear black rings. It is said that black signifies power, courage, strength, and ability! Some of the couples wear black rings to show their eternal love for each other. It shows their dedication and exhibits their union forever. There are many false notions, superstitious beliefs as well. There are no such rules as how many rings a person should wear on their fingers. Most of them wear two or three rings on their fingers. Some wear rings on all four fingers except the thumb! 

There are no set rules anywhere, but this attitude of people with a fascination to wear rings has boosted the sale of rings worldwide! To each his own! The jewelers who manufacture rings and the soothsayers or Astrologers who advise people to wear certain rings on certain fingers and the particular gemstones have boosted the business of ring manufacturers!

No one can question anyone’s belief when it comes to buying a ring for themselves or their loved ones and the particular fingers they wear them!

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